How to seam garter stitch sleeve to body of sweater

How to seam garter stitch sleeve to body of sweater?

This works easiest if it’s a straight seam across body and sleeve but you should be able to adapt the seam to curves too.

There’s a bit of set up but the video eventually gets to the demo.
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Thank you Having trouble

Is there some place in particular where you’re having a problem?
What is the name of your pattern?

The pattern is the two toned baby cardigan in Lion Brand , Feels like Butta yarn I’m trying to seam the sleeve to the body , and I don’t want the seam to show , since I’ll be connecting two different colors .

The pattern is L70223 Two color Baby Cardigan.

That’s adorable.

The stitch shown in the video should do it. When you zip it up, it’s essentially invisible.

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Thank you Yes, that’s the pattern It is a very easy pattern, I just wanted the seam to be invisible at the sleeve attachment, so , I will try this method You are always so helpful

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