How To SC


I’m working on this pattern
and I’m on the Finishing step, where it’s telling me to ‘work sc through both pieces to join’. Now, the glossary tells me that sc means single crochet, so my questions are:

  1. what does that mean?

  2. How do I do it?

  3. do I need a crochet hook?


You will need a crochet hook (the same size as your needles). Put your hook through the loop on your needle, then put the hook through the stitches as if you were going to knit them. Grab the yarn with the hook and pull it through the stitches. You now have two loops on the crochet hook. Grab the yarn with the hook again and pull it through both loops on the hook. You’ve now done a single crochet and should have one loop on the hook. Repeat all around.

This might help

I think I got it, thanks!

Though now I’m wondering if there’s a trick to knowing which loop I’m sticking the crochet needle through, I’m having a time keeping things even…

Schnockers, how do I tie this off now???