How to: ruffled scalloped edge on ribbed hem and sleeves

I have a sweater I bought that I love. It is a merino wool dk weight 5 1/2 stitches to the inch. It looks handknit and was expensive. But it is 10 yrs old and I want to clone it. My major obstacle is the ruffled, scalloped hem. It has 172 stitches per side, starting out for four rows with 1x1 ribbing, then decreases to 142 stitches and changes to 2x2 ribbing for the rest of the hem. I have tried this, but don’t get the ruffle and scalloped effect. The cast on is different. It looks like the yarn loops at the bottom edge on each knit row. It looks like they began knitting without casting on. It also seems like there is a stitch in there that creates a little scallop. I have the knitting basics down, but this is more than basic. If anyone can help me find out how to do this, I would be forever grateful. I have taken a couple of pictures. Hope they are detailed enough.

I have tried to post the pictures, but it isn’t working. Sorry.

It’s hard to guess without a picture, but maybe they used a provisional cast-on and knitted in both directions.

What kind of picture trouble are you having?

Thanks for your reply. I have been experimenting and it appears to be a provisional/invisible cast on. However, I am now experimenting to find out what is creating the scallop. It looks like every eight stitches, there is a purl into the previous row, drawing it up into a scallop. I have to experiment some more to see how this works. I don’t know if there is a special stitch to do this or if it is just simply going into the row below. As far as the pictures, I don’t know what the problem is. I have been posting pictures on the internet in two other forums with no problem, but I can’t post pictures to this forum. I am using iPhoto and my iMac.