How to Rt (right twist) and LT(left twist)

I am making a hat with hearts on it and for the heart pattern it says for the right twist to knit into the front of 2nd st on left hand needle then knit the first st and slip both st off the needle and for the left it says to knit into the back of 2nd st on lh needle then knit the first st and slip both off the needle. My question is when I knit the 2nd st on LH needle first do I go through the 1st stitch to get to the second or do I go around it???

Hmmm, that’s a good question!

In ‘The Knitter’s Bible’ (by Claire Crompton) it describes the left twist this way: insert right hand needle into front of second stitch of left hand needle, working behind the first stitch and knit it. Then knit the first stitch on the left hand needle and slip both stitches on to the right hand needle.

I think that those instructions sound a bit clearer.

Right. You don’t go through the first stitch, just basically knit them out of order.

Thanks guys I have that book too I don’t know why I didn’t look there!! :??