How to rise the neckline area on a shrug?

Hi all…
I wanted to knit a shrug with a high collar (just the back of the neckline area only)

I know you can knit a sweater piece then knit around edging around the front area go around the neck like this one i saw …

can i do that in a one piece shrug ?? thank you

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you could do it by picking up stitches along the neck & front edges and knitting a button band/collar. Here’s a pic of a one-piece raglan shrug I made based on Wendy Barnard’s Something Red. The higher collar at the back is worked with short rows. Is this the kind of thing you’re thinking of?

I think you would want to insert short rows along the back of the garment.You could do this on the main body or on the ribbed edging. Elizabeth Zimmerman discusses this in her books. Basically if you were knitting a plain pullover and did not do this the front and the back would be the same and possibly effect the fit. Short rows along the back of the neck raise it up and can make a smooth communication between the front and the back. Here is a tutorial from Knit picks

I was going to suggest short rows, too. Can’t give you any details because I haven’t done it myself, but I’ve seen it on a sweater.