How to rip out stitches

Does anyone know of a site with a video or pictures showing how to rip out 3 rows of my afghan? Or is it easy to explain?Thanks,Peg

It kind of depends on the stitch it’s in. If it’s just a simple stitch like garter or seed I’d take out the needles, rip it back 3 rows, then put the stitches back on the needles. If it’s a more complicated stitch you can go back stitch by stitch, but it’ll take awhile on an afghan.

I don’t know the problem though so it may not need to be completely removed. Check this section on Fixing Mistakes and see if it helps.

If there’s just a few sts messed up and not a whole row done wrong, then you can drop just the sts to be fixed and not rip out everything. That’s also explained in the Fixing Mistakes section of the Tips page.