How to resize a man's small to fit a smaller than normal young man?

I have found a pattern I would love to knit for my son but getting the size to fit is a challenge. He can wear boy’s sizes in most of his clothes but he is not a boy, he is a 32 year old young man. His weight is under 100 lbs. If a pattern is listed as a unisex sized pattern to fit a small woman, even the small woman size is too big on him. How would resize a pattern with out damaging the fit? Change the needle size?

How much smaller do you need to go? What weight of yarn is called for? If you opt for lighter weight, that’d necessitate smaller ndls and you’d automatically net a smaller size. However, if the patt already calls for a lightweight yarn, then you’d need to resize it. I’ve done this numerous times using a freebie online program here along with knitters graph paper to remap the neckline and armhole/armscye shaping. One major glitch in totally reworking the numbers is if the orig patt has a specific st patt requiring X number of sts. Then you have to work around whatever that is.


It is the sweater called Ripley on the Knitty website. I printed off all the insructions that tell how to knit it for any size but the insructions are confusing me with all the calculations it needs to get down to a smaller size.
It uses a smooth DK , worsted or aran weight yardnthat will give a guageof between 4.5 and 5.5 inches in stockinette stitch.I haven’t had a chance yet to measure my son to start figuring out what size he will need.

Given the pattern can be worked up in any size from boys to men, once you have measurements there shouldn’t be any need to ‘re-size.’ The pattern looks to be about as versatile as you’ll find. Just plug in your numbers! These types of patts are very easy and the actual garment is intended to fit loosely (6" of ease).