How to resize a cowl?

I made (knitted) a beautiful cowl called the birthday cowl. I didn’t think about the gauge too much because it’s a loose fitting one. It says cast on 92 stitches. Can I just cast on less stitches to make the cowl closer and more snug fitting? Or should I go down in needle size? It’s says size 9 needles. I really love the pattern. Thanks for any help. I’m a beginner knitter.

Hi JeanBean70,

What is the pattern? You can potentially change the cast on count depending on the repeat count in the pattern but it’d be simpler to go down in needle size. I suggest doing a swatch with a smaller needle and then using that to determine if you like the fabric and to make sure it won’t be to small.

The pattern is “birthday cowl”. I got it at a knitting store. Thank you for your suggestions.