How to remove a knit stitch?

I don’t think there is a video for this. I knitted when I should have purled. How do I get the knit stitches off the right needle and back onto the left?
Thanks as always for your help!

Someone just sent this to me:

the best i can tell you is to just knit back on to the needles. stick your left hand needle into the holes…good luck!

I love this site!! Thanks for the link!

It depends how far past that point you have gotten. If you just did those knit stitches that should have been purls, you can ‘unknit’ them by re-inserting your left needle into the loop that you just dropped off the left needle (in other words, the stitch below the new stitch you just made on the right needle), then drop the new stitch off the right needle and pull the working yarn back out.

Or, if you have noticed a few rows later that there was an error, you can fix it without having to unravel a whole bunch of rows. There is a video here under the heading ‘Fixing Mistakes’ called ‘Correcting a stitch without unraveling rows’ that should help you out.