how to read this row.

rib 2 [5:5], m1, (rib 5[7:7],m1) 11 [9:11] times, rib 1[6:4] 70 84:98] sts

Hi,welcome to KH.
Depending on which size you are making the row reads as rib 2 (first size,5 for second and third sizes), make 1, you will then rib 5(7,7) make 1 another 11 times for the first size, 9 times for the second size or 11 times for the third size, ending the row with rib1,(6 for second size or 4 for third size) leaving you with a final stitch count of 70 (84 or 96) sts.
Hope this helps,enjoy your knitting :blush:

thank you so much. why don’t they just say rib, m1 14 times. lol, thank you again.

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