How to read this pattern?

I am working on a project and have hit a wall. I am using a circular needle to make a kerchief. the part of the pattern that is throwing me off reads…“k to 1st stitch before marked st, work center dec, k to end. DO NOT TURN. Sl st to beg of needle to be worked from RS again.” The part after DO NOT TURN is what is confusing me. HELP!!

You’re probably working on a double pointed needle or back and forth on a circular needle. The directions are similar to those for making an I-cord. So you work the sts, presumably not very many, from the left needle to the right and slip them down the needle so that they are at the left needle and start at the right ege of the work.
Do you have a link to the pattern? It would be helpful to see the complete directions.

well, I tried to post the link but I only have 1 post, so I am unable to. I watched the i-chord video. very helpful!! Just one more question…I am changing colors with each new row. So do I change colors after moving back to the left needle? I hope my questions make sense…still learning! :slight_smile:

Yes slip the sts to the other end of the needle and pick up the other color (either CC or MC as the pattern directs). You also change at the turns but I think that this will become clearer as you work the sts on the needle. Just follow the directions row by row and mark off the rows you have done as you go along. It may also help to put a safety pin on the RS of the work, just to be sure which side you’re on.
Thanks for the pattern link. It really helps. And enjoy knitting this very pretty scarf.