How to read this pattern?

Hi there! I’m having troubles understanding the following row in this pattern for a scarf:

K2 – P1, K1 across until last two stitches – K2

Is it knit twice, purl once, keep knitting until last two stitches, and end with two knits or;

Knit twice, (purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit…) until the last two stitches, and end with two knits?

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense. I’m confused and would love any help. Thank you! :smile:

Welcome to KH!
Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to it?
Is that the exact wording and punctuation (dashes, not parentheses)?
“K2 - P1, K1 across until last two stitches - K2”

Hello! Yes, it was worded exactly like that with dashes.
I got the pattern on
I was confused with the dashes and not punctuations either.

I’m not sure but at a guess it looks like: K2, (P1, K1) across until last two stitches, K2

You could send a message on Ravelry to the designer to check it though.

Is there a picture of the scarf, is this the edge or is it little ribs, or moss/ seed stitch.
I have no better answer than the other one you received that is just ask myself those things

I think I’ll just do what you suggested. I initially knitted until the last two stitches but it looked odd. Thank you for your help! :smiley:

I’m still learning my knitting terms so I’m not sure what that specific row/design is called. But I do have a picture!


If it is knit width wise like most scarfs the edges look like little ribbing and the rest of the rows will be ever changing

Can u post a picture of the scarf you are knitting, so we can see how that row is supposed to look with the other ones?