How to read this pattern diagram for Cable baby hat?

I am quite new at knitting but throwing myself in the deep end and trying a knitted Baby Hat with a Cable design from Garn studio.

I was getting along ok thanks to the help from this forum :slight_smile: But now for the cable part I have to follow a diagram and I am confused about how I do this. Do I start following each diagram from the bottom right ?
I do one line of the diagram but when it comes to the next line of the diagram, do I start from the left or right?!! I am making the smallest size and the pattern says P3, M.2… (M.2 is one of the diagrams). I presume I have to do the entire box of stiches shown in M.2, it just seems like I will have so many stiches by the time I have done all the sts they say, seems more than I have on my needle to start with (100)?!
Oh I’m puzzled!
I do hope someone can help me out :aww:

Since you are working in the round you work all the charts from right to left on every round. Start at the bottom of each chart and work up just as you’d knit.

This is what your pattern says once you have your 100 sts and are ready to begin the charts:

P 3, M.2, P 6, M.3, P 6, M.2, P 6, M.2, P 6, M.3, P 6, M.2, P 3.

I took out all the numbers that refer to the other sizes. When I work Drops patters I like to copy and paste the pattern in a Word document and edit out the numbers that don’t apply to my size. It really cuts down on confusion.

So here is what you do on this first round:
P3, then work right to left across the bottom row of the M.2 chart (it is over 6 sts), then P6, work right to left across the 20 sts on the bottom row of the M.3 chart, P6, do the same 6 sts of row 1 of chart M.2, P6, do the 6 sts of row 1 of M.2 again, P6, work right to left over the 20 sts of the first row of M.3 again, P6, row 1 of M.2 again, P3.

So you P3, CH (chart)6, P6, CH20, P6, CH6, P6, CH6, P6, CH20, P6, CH6, P3. 9X6=54+40 (for the 2 of CHM.3)+6 (for the 3 at each end). 54+40+6=100

The next round will be just the same as far as the stitches between the charts, but you will work row 2 of each chart (next to bottom row) right to left. Keep working that way up the chart, reading right to left, and putting the purls between.

oh my goodness, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me. It makes sense the way you said it. I have done too much of each chart, I did not get that you only did the first lines! So I now have to go back and work out how to undo these stiches! But at least I now understand what to do when I get back to the right bit! Thank you again x

You’re welcome. I was afraid you might be doing something like that, based on what you said in the OP, here:

I presume I have to do the entire box of stiches shown in M.2
So I was careful to spell out that you do line 1 of the 2 charts, then line 2 on the next round, etc. I’m glad I could help. There are so many ways a person can get mixed up with knitting.

Just thought I would add that since M.2 only has 8 rows and M.3 has 12 rows they will not end at the same time. Don’t worry about that. As you work your 11cm of cables if you finish chart M.2, just go to the bottom and start it again. The same for M.3, but they will end at different times.

Thanks for the extra help. I have done one row and it seemed ok, ended with 100 sts so all was fine! BUT I have now done the second row, following the second lines of the diagrams as you explained. But I have done them all and ended up with still about 20 sts still on my left needle! I have been getting confused where to put the needle into some of the sts, as if there are 3 sts almost joined together. I think somehow I have created more sts by stitching into parts I shouldn’t have! In a bit of a pickle now! I do not know if this makes any sense or if you can help without seeing the knitting, but if you can I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

Sorry you’re having trouble. Did you actually count how many stitches you have after working round 2 of the patterns? How many stitches do you have altogether when you thought you were done with round 2 and still had more stitches? How many do you have on the right side of the needle (that you have worked) and how many you think you have extra? If you still have 100 maybe you just haven’t done all the repeats, there are a lot of them to keep track of. If you have more than 100 then I guess you did knit twice into something. If you have more than 100 you will have to tink that row out and get back to where you have 100 stitches and try again. If you still only have 100 if you can figure out where you got off maybe you won’t have to take the whole round out. Maybe you will though.

Perhaps it would help you to put stitch markers on each side of the 20 stitch sections. You could even put them between each of the sets of six. That is a lot of markers but they might help you until you get going a little more. After a bit you should be able to see the 6 purl stitches in each section and the 6 stitches that are used for the simple cable. Make sure there are 6 stitches in each of the plain purl sections (except the first and last one where there are 3–6 when you add the 2, 3s together), 6 in what will be the simple 6 stitch cables sections, and 20 in those 2 M.3 segments. As soon as you finish each section look back over it and count if all the stitches are there, and none extra. If the section is wrong tink back over it and do it again more carefully. (Of course you need to be sure when you start the section that it has the proper number of stitches. I think this will be pretty easy on all but the 20 stitch sections. If you checked carefully over the last row it should be all the sections should be right.)

I also recommend that you print out the charts, enlarge them a bit if you can and color code them. I use colored pencils to color the different elements on the chart different colors. You can leave the knits and purls uncolored, but try coloring the 4 different cables on your “explanation to pattern diagram” each a different color. I like to draw out the explanation part right next to the chart and color the explanation part and then color each cable symbol on your chart to match.

I have been getting confused where to put the needle into some of the sts, as if there are 3 sts almost joined together.
The only place where the stitches may look a little different than usual would be where you did the cable twist on the 1st round. Watch those closely and make sure you are working one stitch into one stitch. The stitch counts never change in any of the sections so just count and make sure they are right before you move on.

I wish I could watch you work a few rows and keep you on track until you are sure of what you are doing.

Thanks for trying to help, I ended up with about 125 stiches (about 20 on the left). I am really not sure what I have done! I think I am trying to run before I can walk with the knitting, as you say it’s hard to do without someone sat next to you to help! I have unravelled back to the rib rows and I have decided I could actually use it as a rather dandy collar for one of the Bears I make under Bumpkin Bears! So all my hard work is not totally lost! Now to look for a simpler pattern! Thanks so much for all your help, at least I understand the diagrams even if I went wrong somewhere :wink: Catherine x

You’re welcome for what little help I was. I’m glad you figured out a way to use the project after all.