How to read the gauge


My pattern gauge reads:

Gauge: 22 sts = 4" over St st

I am confused b/c I learned gauge as being a stich per inch measurement. So I am unsure of what to do here. I cast on 22 stiches, knit in stocking stich for… I don’t know, 4" long? 4" wide? And if I do knit 4" long I still don’t know how many stiches per inch I’m supposed to be getting. Please, aweful confused. Thanks!


If you’re measuring gauge the swatch needs to be at least 5 inches so cast on more like 30 then do stockinette.

To figure out stitches per inch just divide by 4. They measure over 4 inches to get a more accurate measurement.
22 divided by 4= 5.5 stitches per inch.

Most patterns give gauge over 4", that way the partial stitches get counted correctly. It is a good idea to use more sts because the edges curl under and they’re not the same size as the stitches in the center of the row, so you shouldn’t include them in your measure.