How to read fair isle chart?

I’ve only read a chart once before (branching out scarf), so I’m a bit confused on how to read the chart for the Kureyon Kozy.

So you read it from the bottom row up, from right to left. The X’s I assume would be the contrasting color. But does the chart assume that every other row is purl and thus not charted?

Oh, I hope I am not over my head with this whole fair isle thing! :teehee:

You read every row on the chart. I assume this is worked back and forth for the spout opening, so you’d read the right side (knit) from right to left and the wrong side (purl) from left to right. The X’s are the contrasting color.

If you were working in the round, every row would be knit from right to left.

Ok, I think I understand now. I wasn’t sure because with the Branching out scarf pattern the chart for that doesn’t include purl rows. I didn’t know if other patterns did this too! The more I read through the directions, the more confused I get! :?? :teehee:

For charts where the back is always purled, they often don’t show it. For charts where there is something specific to that row, then they do show it.
Color charts have color changes on every row, so they have to show every row.

I see! I think I’m not up to the challenge of this project now. :oops: After reading the instructions along with the chart it seems like more than my brain can handle right now! Especially after reading a Knitty article about color stranding which said to avoid straight knitting that has color changes on the purl side like the plague!

:yadda: That’s what I think of that! :teehee: For the tea cozy, it would be fine. I don’t think I’d want to make a whole sweater flat, but you certainly can–no plague involved.

Thank you for your vote of confidence! I just keep reading over the pattern and get myself more and more worked up!

you’re thinking :violin: aren’t you?? :teehee:

For example, a part in the pattern reads:

First Side
Row A [RS]: K all sts. (NOTE: If working Fair Isle version, start working chart over center 27 sts on this row.)
Row B [WS]: K4, p to last 4 sts, k4.
Row C [RS]: K4, m1, k to end.
Row D [WS]: As row 2.

So since it says in Row A to start working chart, do I disregard the Rows B, C, & D written out? I think my biggest confusion is on how to combine working with the written pattern AND the chart.

Thanks so much for all you help with this! :muah:

They’re just telling you what kind of stitches to use and when to increase with the written instructions.

You’d knit row A, following the chart for the color.
Work row B k4, purl across following the chart, k4
Row C k4, m1, knit following the chart
Row D k4, purl across followng the cart, k4

ok, I think I may have the courage to try this now! Just have to finish one more FT clog and I am on my way. Thank you for practically holding my hand through this! :teehee:

:muah: Fair Isle is just too much fun to be afraid of.

Ingrid, I just wanted to say thank you again! I finished the cozy… and I had no reason to be scared in the first place! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: