How to read chart?

I am terrible at reading chart… :shrug: . can someone help… i wanted to knit shawl but alot of those patterns i wanted to knit are all in chart !!! :verysad:

please help me … thanks alot … :notworthy:

You read a chart generally starting at the bottom. Right side rows are read right to left and wrong side rows are read left to right, unless the chart specifies otherwise. That’s about all there is to it - some people find it helpful to use a sticky note placed at the row that you are working at and move it up as you go.

Thank you my Queen :notworthy: for the fast response…
i will try it out … u have a good day :hug:

Maybe we could be more specific if we could see the chart. Is there a link?

here is the chart… one of the symbol is so messy how to knit :??


The entire chart is available as a PDF file and you can zoom in to read all of the symbols clearly. The one that looks like an upside down “V” with an extra leg means “sl 2, k1, psso (centered double decrease)”.

Are you looking at the chart snippet at the bottom of the pattern page?

Just looked at the chart - glad I did!! (the entire chart is found here pdf file) If you read at the top it says that this is worked in the round so EVERY row will be worked from right to left on the chart. There are no wrong side rows on this. All of the info you need is right on the chart page.
“Chart is worked from bottom row 1 up, right to left for each row. This capelet is knit in the round, so all rows are RS rows.”

Hope this helps.

Also noticing the cable symbols. Those are kind of messy looking symbols, if you ask me, but it seems like it varies from a 8 stitch cable all the way to a 4 stitch cable as you get closer to the top and are doing decreases. Just count how many squares that scribbly cable symbol goes across and cable accordingly - so if the symbol spans 8 squares, you do a 4x4 cable. if the symbol spans 4 squares only, you do a 2x2 cable.

ha ha … yes messy symbol… but u r right about the cable…now it made sense to me thanks u all so much :cheering:

P.S. are they improving this site ??? i could not get in earlier on … :??