How to read a Traveling Stitch Graph

I am knitting the chalet socks from Nancy Bush’s FOLK SOCKS book and have spent hours trying to decipher the traveling stitch graph. Can anyone help?

From what I can tell, the pattern is saying to do this (I am doing rows 1-6 of the Seam Pattern only):

Row 1: P2, C2F (both k tbl), P2
Row 2: P1, C2B (P1, K1 tbl), C2F (K1 tbl, P1), P2
Row 3: P1, K1 tbl, P2, K1 tbl, P1
Row 4: P1, K1 tbl, P2, K1 tbl, P1
Row 5: P1, C2F (K1 tbl, P1), C2B (P1, K1 tbl), P2
Row 6: P2, C2F (both k tbl), P2

However, as I’m knitting I feel as though I am headed in the wrong direction. For example, the graph says that line 2 should be P, KTBL, P, P, KTBL, P…but that’s not what happens when you twist the stitches as I’ve written above. Can anyone tell me exactly what all the symbols mean–like the little lines going diagonally between boxes of different rows? What am I supposed to do for each specific line?

Thanks for your help!!! It’s VERY appreciated!!!

An example of the type of graph I’m using is found here (this is a PDF file):

You can see what I’m talking about in the “Clock Patterns” graph to the right.

There should be a key with the graph. :think:

The C2F and C2B are the cables or crosses.

C2F would be to slip one stitch to a cable needle and hold in front, P1 from the left needle, then knit one from the cable needle.

C2B would be to slip one stitch to a cable needle and hold to back, knit one from the left needle, then purl one from the cable needle.

The tbl’s are telling you how to knit/purl the stitches from the cable needle and left tip.

Hi Ingrid–thanks for the quickly reply! The pattern I had written out was just my interpretation of the graph. The graph does have a key, but unfortunately this key is not clear enough for me to understand.

For instance, the first row has six boxes. The first and last two boxes are clearly marked with the “purl” symbol. However, the middle two boxes are where things get tricky. Each has a “B” in it, telling you to K TBL. There is a diagonal line from box three to box four that the key translates as “work left st over right st.” All that seems pretty normal. But then there is a diagonal line going out the upper left corner of box three to the second box (second stitch) of row 2; there is also a diagonal line going out the upper right corner of box four to the fifth box (fifth stitch) of row two. What do these mean? I assume I am not supposed to be knitting two rows at once…

Let me know if this is not clear enough and I will attempt to clarify.

Normally the line would go through the two stitches that you are crossing. I suspect that they have it in the corner because of the B instruction. You don’t have to do anything that involves the next row. The diagonal line is telling you in what direction the travelling stitch will be. In the example that you posted, it’s leaning to the left, so it would be a front, or left cross.

Thanks again, Ingrid!

The key has a picture of the two rows with K TBL stitches connected by the diagonal line and says that this stitch should “cross the K TBL st in front of the purl st to the left.” This leads me to believe I am doing some sort of crossing or cabling…but that seems like a lot of unnecessary crossing. Do you happen to have this book? It is hard to explain without seeing the graph.

I don’t have the book, but I think I figured it out. It’s like doing a 2-stitch cable, but without a needle.

Purl into the second stitch on the needle from around the back–that is, bring your needle behind the first stitch and purl the second, not sliding it off. Then bring the yarn to the back between the stitches and knit the first stitch through the back loop. This twists them while maintaining the purl background stitch and the knit travelling stitch.

If this doesn’t seem right, what does page 100 say about it?

Page 100 gives a detailed description of what they mean when they say “Cross the k tbl st in front of the purl st to the left”; I am having trouble figuring out which row they are referring to. They show both rows in the key, so I’m not sure if I am supposed to be cabling the first row or the second row.