How to Read a pattern. :)

Hello, I’m a first time knitter, and I’m loving it! And I’m excited to be in this helpful page!

But I want to do a swetter, with a pattern, and I have no idea of how to proceed! It is very confusing. Besides, my first language is not the english, but the Spanish, and there are a lot of technical knitting thins that I don’t understand, even thou the glossary of this page is been very helpful.

I’m talking particularly of the patterns in the Vogue Knitting, international. It has little thingys as a little draw of yarn, with a number inside, or a stitch glossary, for every pattern! It is very confusing. Can someone help?


The number indicates what weight of yarn to use and there’s a chart for that here and inspanish here, and a chart of other symbols which may be helpful.