How to read a chart with slight cable at each end ..?

Hello just bought a pattern from Karabella yarns, and i am stomped plus this is my first time reading a chart … i wish they would have just typed out the pattern in words … :?? i feel so :oops: right now … Help …

There should be a key with the symbols explained with the chart. I always highlight the RS row & leave the WS row blank, I find that it helps me visually. Here is an example…I write everything on the chart…after I take it to Kinkos & get it enlarged so I can see it & write on it :wink:

Trust me on this one. Once you learn how to read patterns, you’ll never want a wordy pattern again.

Generally, charts are read right to left for the right side and left to right on the wrong side. Often the wrong side is just k the k’s and p the p’s or all p, so often it’s left ‘blank’.

One thing that can help you get started is to color code the different symbols so they’re easy to refer to in the key. After a while, though, as the pattern develops you’ll pretty much be able to read the chart without referring to the symbols.

Another good tip is to use post-it notes along the top edge of the row on which you’re working. This way you can follow the row easily, and by seeing the row below, you can make sure you’re working into the correct stitch from the row below.

Does this answer any of your questions?

Shoot, I forgot the post it tip!! Although, I don’t use post its, I use a magnetic strip across the top of my charts bc I use a magnet board :wink:

Works the same way, though. :wink:

okay but this one i don’t know how the cables are made in the side … ingrid can i show you the pattern maybe you can explain it to me more in detail … i think once you see it then maybe i will get it better … ?? i know you said you read the pattern from right to left and i know there are symbols … but the cable part has got me stumped … :wall:

I pm’d you.

okay just sent you a pm too … Thank you for all your help …