How to read a chart for the crown of a fair isle hat

I am working on my first fair isle project, the King Harald Hat #1 from Ann Feitelson’s book, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting , pages136 and 137. I was doing great until I got to the crown part. I am confused about where the rounds in each successive tier begin and end. Also, I’m not sure if I’m correctly interpeting the verticle colomn of squares on the right. I would love it if someone could walk me through this part. The first four rounds went ok but on the first decrease round I seem to have gotten off the pattern. Does the round begin and end in the middle with each new tier. If so, you get off the pattern at rounds five and six. (having the round begin in the middle is confusing) I’m also not 100% sure where the decrease should be and how exactly to interpet that verticle bar on the right as it relates to the rest of the crown chart. Thanks, Sue



I was walking around this afternoon, and suddenly it clicked in my head what’s what with this pattern.

The vertical bar on the right is the color with which you knit the 3 together for the double decrease, then continue with the pattern of the chart.

I’m sorry if I messed you up.

Thank you Ingrid. I did finish my hat some time ago and I think it turned out great. Thank you for helping me with the pattern. Sorry I didn’t write this thank you sooner. Sue