How to Re-Knit half of a blanket? HELP!

I started my first knitting project in January, and I bit off more than I should have. I picked a two-color baby blanket with a sail-boat pattern that requires stringing technique. Soooooo, off I went. I’m done with it now, except for figuring out a backing, and when I fastened off and removed the blanket from the circle-needles, the whole first section of my blanket, a good six inches, is WAY to tight, no give at all and so the blanket is distorted, looking something like this: _/. Is there a way to re-knit the bottom part? It isn’t like ripping out the most recently worked stuff, This part is my starting (or cast-on) row and on up six inches. :frowning: so sad, six months of work and I’d love to fix it. Any help would be GREAT!!

If it’s garter stitch you may be able to take out the cast on and unravel it, but you may still have to pull the yarn through the end sts. And it won’t work if you have garter edging and stockinette over the middle sts. So pick a spot where it seems to change from tight to loose, cut one st on the edge and separate the pieces. Maybe rip up a couple more rows, then reknit the lower part with the cut off yarn though you may need a little more yardage if it’s that much tighter unless it’s okay to have it a couple inches shorter.

Here are some pictures to show you how to do the technique Sue described. It works very well. Good luck with the blanket!

You all are AMAZING!! Thank you so much! I’ll give it a go!