How to rack up "frequent exercising miles"

I started to post this to a dieting thread but then decided that it’s way too cool to possibly get buried there.

There’s a gadget out that you can strap to your wrist (or shoe laces), and it will monitor how many minutes of exercise you do. Then, you can go online and redeem your points for gift cards (Amazon, Lowes, etc.).

Just think of the possibilities: knitting books, crochet books, knitting needles, magazine subscriptions, . . . YARN!!!

Of course, having all the yarn and new patterns might make us want to exercise [I]less,[/I] but who has enough yarn and patterns, right?

Anyway, you can find out more about the S2H Replay here:

Hmm…if you’re going to do it let us know how it works out. I HATE exercising and have to force myself to do anything other than read or knit.

Well, even if you hate exercise, I bet you still walk and clean house and get up and move around, right?

This company is coming out with a pedometer, too. So strap the “watch” to your wrist and clean house. Strap the pedometer to your belt and go buy groceries. The great thing is EVERY step and vigorous arm movement should count–so why not reward yourself for it?

Wow…I might have to get that, I do my treadmill 5 days a week, an hour a day! Broken up though, not an hour straight! lol

I constantly strive to have my favorite exercise admitted to the Olympics. I’m extremely proficient at ‘the mad dash, in a blind panic!’ Does that count for any points??!!

Hey, if you’re moving madly and/or in a panicky manner, I imagine that counts! The point is to MOVE (however you choose to do it is up to you)!

I wanted to post an update on the S2H Replay now that I’ve had one for a few weeks.

These little gadgets are great–whether you’re a true-blue sports/athletic junky or just someone who walks some (even just around the house or at the grocery store), cleans house, folds clothes, etc.

So far I’ve strapped mine to my shoe laces and walked around the house, put it on my wrist and swept and vacuumed the floor, folded clothes, and, of course, exercised. All of these activities were recorded–especially if I was a little more vigorous in my movements!

The rewards on the S2H site vary, so if you don’t see something you like right away, wait awhile and something is sure to pop up. For awhile they had a free magazine subscription (I’m thinking KNITTING MAGAZINES); I know they’ve had Amazon gift cards for $10; and they say they’ll be posting more and different rewards as time goes by.

I’m not making any profit from this company, I promise. I just think it’s a great little gadget that just might inspire some folks to get up and move. And besides, who doesn’t like being instantly rewarded–especially for something that’s good for you?! :happydance: