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I’m stuck on my pattern .shape neck .patt37sts ,turn.
Work on these 37sts only proceed as follows cast off 5sts at beg of next and folk alt row.Help I’m on a purl row 37 sts is not in the middle of my row is over half way .

this is my project.

Thirty-seven won’t be in the middle of the row. There’s 37sts for each shoulder and 15sts in the center for the neck. Read a bit further and you’ll see how this works out.

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Thanks .
This may sound Silly but not been knitting for long and reading the pattern I did not understand .so when it says turn your work that I would turn my work before getting to the end of the row .
Thanks salmonmac this forum is great and I had help with my orange top if you remembered that was the first pattern I’d done .
Learning all the terms and abbreviations as I’m intermediate knitter learning all the time .
Thanks to you and this forum it great to known there’s help .

Many of us are self taught and learn as we go. Working different patterns or patterns that seem like a bit of a stretch helps, too. Certainly helps me a lot.

It’s often confusing when a pattern has you turn in the middle of a row but that’s what your pattern is indicating. Good luck with the rest of the pattern. Great progress so far!

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