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I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me with a part in a pattern that I just cannot understand. I have tried to do it several different ways but it is just not working out the way that it should. There seems to be a step that I am missing but I just can’t figure out how it is meant to be done. The step that I can’t get is the YBK and YFT. Once you have moved the yarns position I am not sure how the next stitch is to be done as the yarn seems to be in the wrong position. It didn’t explain in the abbreviations but I am assuming that the sl 2 is slip stiches? Maybe I am wrong in that assumption. If I am what does it mean?

Abbreviation is: ybk = yarn back: take yarn under needle from purling position into knitting position (not making a stitch)
yft = yarn forward: bring under needle from knitting positon to purling positon (not making a stitch)

Instructions: 1st row: Using C1, K6 *yft, sl 2, K6 rep from * to last st
2nd row: Using C!, K6 *ybk, sl 2, K6, rep from * to last st
3rd row: Using C1, As 2nd row
4th and 6th Row: Using MC, K6, *ybk, sl 2, K6, rep from * to last st
5th and 7th Row: Using MC, P6, *yft, sl 2, P6, rep from * to last st
8th Row: Using C1, Knit
9th Row: Using C1, K2, *yft, sl 2, K6, rep from * to last 4 st, yft, sl 2, K2
10th Row: Using C1, K2, *ybk, sl 2, K6, Rep from * to last 4 st, ybk, sl 2, K2
11th Row: As 9th Row
12th and 14th Row: Using MC, as 10th Row
13th and 15th Row: Using MC, P2, *yft, sl 2, P6, rep from * to last 4 sts yft, sl 2, P2
16th Row: Using C1, knit


Above is a picture of how the pattern should look. Any help with this would be very much appreciated as I would really like to do this pattern but I am getting frustrated with how to do it.

Thanks heaps.
Lyn :slight_smile:

I agree something seems to be missing from the instructions - I think it should have told you to move the yarn back after slipping the 2 stitches. I’m not sure if there is a way of knitting with the yarn forward (but if anyone knows, they’re likely to be here!), but if you haven’t already, try moving the yarn back (or forward) again after slipping the stitches.
It’s certainly pretty, though. I hope you find out how it’s supposed to be done! :laughing:

Welcome to the forum!
I agree, there’s something missing or not quite right in the pattern. Even if you assume a YBK before the K6 in rows like row 1, the pattern doesn’t seem to come out right.
You could contact the pattern source and ask about this:

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Thank you very much for your suggestion salmonmac. I have emailed them and hopefully a solution will be presented.
It is also nice to know that it was not just me that thought a step was missing.
Enjoy your day :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment Shintoga. It is good to know that I was not the only one finding it a challenge. My knitting skills are not as bad as I thought lol I had tried your suggestion but the pattern just doesn’t come out the way it looks in the picture.
Thanks again for your imput

You’re welcome, it’s always a little crazy making when there’s a pattern error!