How to put picture in profile?

There maybe be an answer to this question somewhere, but I can’t find it!
How do I put a picture in my profile?
I went to "edit picture profile…clicked on the browse. chose a picture from my desktop file, opened it and it ran, but nothing happened!
I noticed that it said picture can not be larger than a certain number that I already can’t remember, but I do remember that my information said my pic was 3.56 kg.
Any help appreciated!
I am taking a Microsoft Word class, but we haven’t covered any of this!
Jen (who would rather be knitting than trying to figure out this computer!:rofl:

[B][I]Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 64.0 KB (whichever is smaller).[/I][/B]

[/B]Is your picture very large? Resize it to 100x100 pixels and try again.

I don’t know how to resize it!??
I just uploaded it to Flickr and it worked can I get it from there?

Yes. When you go to the picture down on the lower right it says different sizes. Click that and then scroll down and grab the url for the photo. It’s the smaller link. Use that to enter the url on option 1.

Thanks, somehow I did it when I saved it to the desktop…at some point on Flickr it gave the option to go to a smaller size.
Now I just have to see if it come up when I post this.
Thanks again!

O.k. …LOL, now what do you have to do to get the picture to appear when you post?

Guess what? I figured it out! I didn’t know what an avatar was! Well as it turns out this isn’t the picture i really wanted…I wanted a picture of my new granddaughter in the outfil I made her…so I will have to change it when I can take a picture of her in it!!!

You got it! It’s not a bad picture, just small so we can’t really see you. :wink: