How To Put In A URL Link

I often see you telling about the projects you are knitting and they come up in a color … for an example if I am doing [color=blue]ArtLady’s Baby Blanket[/color] you could click on that and be taken to the pattern …

HOW can I do it so I can write “ArtLady’s Baby Blanket” … All I’ve ever been able to do is post the url and sometimes it’s long and you’ve got two lines of URL to click on … the other way looks so much nicer not to mention you know where you are going!


You do it like this

Words you want to appear to click on

I hope this helps!

Ok … see if I can get this …

I plan to make this bag …
[color=red]Spring Treasures Drawstring Bag[/color]

Could you make any bag felted? I guess gauge doesn’t really matter? It doesn’t give a size so if you wanted a larger one, would you just use a larger needle and thicker yarn?


Edit: well THAT didn’t work!!! :grrr:

Leave out the space between the “url=” and the “http.”

I use Gmail for my email.

I use Gmail for my email.




Ok, I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to practice this too.
I intend to try silver’s sock class
at some point in the near future.

Yeah, I think I did it!
Thanks for asking this, Mrs. Columbo, I’ve always wondered how to do that!

Gee that Silver Sock Class looks interesting …

Toby the intimidated … :teehee:

OK how about…

I made these wristwarmers the other day.