How to put darts in knitting

Hello all,

I have a favorite Sewing shirt pattern that I would like to convert to knitting and it has darts. Does anyone know how to figure out how much to decrease to get the dart shape?
Yes, knitting can be very stretchy, but would love to have a sweater that actually fit me. :pray: Any thoughts?

Lana C.

With knitting you don’t create darts, but use short rows. There’s a couple threads around here about how you do it, there’s about 3 methods. One of them is demonstrated in the videos at this site, and a similar one can be found here - Short rows -

I understand that short row shaping would be used, but I can’t figure out how that translates for the dart shape on the pattern. I see a dart, how so I calculate how many short rows are needed for that dart?

Flat shaping seems pretty straightfoward, stitches oer inch, measure pattern. But the darts are different, I have a custom ft pattern that I would like to knit instead of sew. So how do I determine the number of short rows, etc?

Has anyone converted a sewing pattern to a knitting one? If so what did you do with the darts?

I am interested in waist and bust short rows. The knitty site shows options for up to a d cup. What about a G?

I think you start at the short row shaping instructions again and add more rows. See these threads -

Long-time seamstress, knitter here. Sewn items don’t automatically convert to being knit. If you have access to Righetti’s ‘Sweater Design in Plain English’ she (a professional seamstress) goes into detail on how diff sewn items are from their knit counterparts. Bias is diff from woven to knit. Info on how to adjust for vertical vs horiz stretch, etc. There are also chapters are short rowing…and specific info for bust shaping. The book makes for an informative read if you’re considering trying to do conversions.



Thanks Cam, I’ll have to try to find it. I’m just trying to get a hold of the formula for transposing a bust dart into knitting… :slight_smile: Thanks Suzeeq

Check out this thread, there’s a book someone is selling that’s all about adding darts to knitted garments!