HOW TO put a link in your blog to your blog

Excuse me for putting this here but I couldn’t decide if it should be in the blog section, the how to section… or here.

Is it easy to put the bloglink down there at the bottom of your posts? I’ll be sniffing around but if anyone knows how easy it is and can tell me… much appreciated…

Ha. Well I gave it a try and it didn’t work. Of course.

Did this do it for you?

Go to Post a Message…click on URL, then type, then click URL again.

Should put it on for you. If you want it as your signature you will have to edit your Profile.


To post it in your signature, copy and paste from what’s below:

That should show up in your signature as:

OH THANK YOU THANK YOU! I tried editing my profile but it didn’t take but now I’ll do the url thing. I still don’t even know what url means ha ha. THANKS! :muah:

URL = Universal Resource Locator

La la la… dancing around

there it is. Now I’ll have to get responsible and post to my blog heh heh. I felt if I want to put bunches of pictures somewhere they all shouldn’t be dumped here…

You have some wonderful pictures on there Vic and that kitty is SO cute showing his belly!