How to put a dropped loop back on to needle

I am very new to knitting. I recently dropped a loop at the end of the knitting needle - the very last stitch “fell off”. Would someone teach me how to put that loop back on the knitting needle. Sure would appreciate your help.
Thank you.

Hi and Welcome to KH!

Has it started to run down or just fell off? If it just fell off you can just place it back on your needle for knitting :thumbsup:

If it has started to run or drop down then you might want to check out Amy’s videos here for Fixing Mistakes :happydance:

Hi and thank you for your reply. It is the very last stitch on the first row - the last stitch “loop” slipped off the needle. I can place it back on the need, but the working yarn still needs to be put through the loop and I don’t know how to do that. I hope how I am explaining it makes sense - sometimes I have trouble explaining things.
Thank you.

Pretend you haven’t finished the previous row and put the needle with the sts in your right hand and insert the left needle into the single stitch. Then knit it.