How to PSSO

My pattern says to PSSO next. The pattern reads SI, K2Tog, K5, PSSO. I know it means pass slipped stitch over, but where exactly is “over”, back on to the other needle? Help!!! Please!!! I’ve been researching this for hours and can find no instructions ANYWHERE!

It’s like when you do a BO - lift the slipped st over the st from the k22tog, both on the right needle. Look at the decrease videos for SKP and it may appear that way on the Glossary page which links to the video - that’s the same except you only k1 instead of k2tog.

Hi - i need some assistance .

My pattern : S1, K2, PSSO -

so… do I slip the stitch over the K2 ? or over just one of these? It just doesn’t look right? Thx

Look at the definition in the pattern, usually the ‘k2’ is k2tog, then you’d pass the slip st over the single st from the decrease. If it’s 2 st knit separately, pass the slip st over [I]both[/I] knit sts. What pattern is it?

Thanks for the help. The pattern is a sock pattern - DROPS socks with cables. Reads slip 1 st as if to K,K2, psso; So after what you’ve said - I’m assuming that I slip the stitch over the two knits - looks funny but I’m making a test - so I’ll do a few repeats … see if it works out.

Thanks again:yay: