How to protect finger tips from needles

knit looser, use your fingernail instead of your finger, use your needle on knit stitches to slide them off, learn to move the yarn on the left needle like a catapillar’s body, stop and push the yarn to the end of the needle with your hands not fingers, you just have to learn not to use those fingertips, they can be too painful!

Owie!!! I’m getting finger tenderness from my knitpicks sock dpns (kinda hate them, too sharp and slippery! )

Aluminum sock DPNs were what made me realize that there has to be a better way. I really did learn to keep my fingertips clear of the points most of the time. No more bloody socks.

Funny that I came across this thread today… I’ve had this little round peeling patch on my left index finger (I’m a Continental knitter). Since I check my blood sugar every couple of days or so I thought that was the cause. But the more I thought about it, I decided that wasn’t the case because I never poke/stick my index fingers for glucose readings.
I peeled it off a few days ago, and it healed nicely.
Today I noticed it again. I started thinking "what is causing it?"
LOL I realized it was my knitting.
So maybe tomorrow I’ll take a walk to the office supply store and see what goodies I find.
Thank you all for the great advice and suggestions on this. :thumbsup: