How to proceed with this curved sweater

So I’m working on my first sweater, and after the band on the bottom of this front piece, I found the panel to become wider and wider and, in an attempt to rectify it, I started decreasing stitches. However, following a recipe since I have no creative bone in my body, I decided the only logical thing to do was decrease down to the next size the recipe listed. This resulted is what you can see here.

Obviously I overcompensated, i can see now one increase at both ends of a single row would’ve fixed the problem, but this is the reality of the situation right now. And the way I see it, there are some options available to me.

Since I assume the issue of having a front and back panel of different sizes has most to do with the armholes and shoulders and whatnot, I intend to make the back panel the same width as the latter half of my front panel, but should I replicate the curve, and make the back panel exactly the same? The way I see it this would probably give me more room for my beer belly and love handles anyway, with the potential of being sewn in at the sides later.

My other option would be to make the back panel square, and folding in the curve on the front panel before sewing them together. I’m hoping and assuming this would work and wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of the sweater in any way, but would appreciate any input on the matter.

I suppose a third option exists in making the back panel square, but NOT folding in the curves if the front panel. This would, I suppose, still give me some belly room, with the opportunity to re-set the pieces with the fold if I were to not need the room. I imagine it would mess up the seam line though.

All in all though i would like some advice on how to salvage this. Bear in mind I really don’t intend to start over, and having the sweater end up too small or something would be okay as long as I save the front panel. I could always gift it to someone smaller than me. That said though, after blocking I expect it’d only be half a size smaller, which would be okay as the design is made relatively loose fitting.

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It’s a beautifully worked sweater front. I would work the back without the curve and then slightly fold in the extra front stitches at seaming. You don’t have to seam the front so that it’s a perfect square, just take a bit off the curve in the fold.