How to prevent ladders on socks with dpns

I’m almost finished with my first sock on dpn. I have some ladders in the stitches, what is the best way to prevent this?



Making sure the first and second stitches on each needle are tight helps. It also helps of the first stitch is a knit and not a purl. If it’s a purl rearrange the stitches so there is a knit as the first stitch. (I just had to do that myself) Another thing I do is after I knit for a half inch or so I move two stitches over on each needle so the join is in a different place.

I do pretty much the same thing you do, Jan, to avoid the ladders. The only difference is that I drop the empty needle and keep knitting with the needle I am currently using for two or three stitches, then pick up the empty needle and start again. It has the same effect though–no ladders! :happydance:

I’ve found the best way to avoid ladders is to use 2 circular needles instead of dpns. With circs you can tighten the yarn on the cable which is narrower than the needle. Then even if you use a little additional yarn when you switch needles it evens out.

I use Angelia’s method mostly… never tried two circs because I like the dpns well enough myself.

Putting the stitches on 4 double pointed needles and knitting with the fifth helps too!

:doh: Thanks for that! That is so much easier!! :hug:

:doh: Thanks for that! That is so much easier!! :hug:[/quote]

I like that idea. I was just knitting the first 3sts tighter to avoid a ladder but I was wondering with your method do you still knit the first 2 stitches tighter or just knit regular and then slip them onto the fourth needle?