How to prevent colors bleeding when felting

Hi all,
I’m making a felted bag with some Lopi-style yarn my mother had left-over from a sweater. I knew I would need to use the white in order to have enough, so I knitted a swatch to make sure it would felt. As you can see in the photo it felted fine, but the blue bleeds into the white. Does anyone know how to prevent the bleeding?? Any dying experts out there?? I was wondering about adding some vinegar. Isn’t that suppose to help stabilize the color?? :?? :??

I’m not sure anyone has used this for yarn, but, as a quilter, I know Synthrapol has saved many quilts! Might be worth a shot… You can get it any quilt supply store. Connecting Threads is one (and owned by the same parent company as KnitPicks!) :thumbsup:

Synthrapol should probably do the trick and is much gentler to the fibers of wool than regular detergent would be anyway. I know, when felting, gentleness isn’t exactly what you’re going for, but since you don’t really need detergent to felt a piece as the agitation is more than enough, something that’s kinder can’t really hurt.

:happydance: :happydance: Thanks for the help, I’ll be stopping by my LQS(that’s local QUILT shop) later this week. :thumbsup:

This reminded me…

My LYS, LCSS, AND LQS are right next door to each other…it’s REALLY helpful when I need one stop shopping. And thankfully I’m only reallly tempted for the LYS…lol…

… it’s too late to help with the bag you already felted, but I bought purple and white Paton’s Classic wool-merino blend to make a felted S n’ B “marsupial bag” for my daughter (school colors) and a friend told me to put a Color Guard sheet in the washer. Then any excess purple dye would migrate to it, not to the white yarn.

I’ve never heard of Color Guard before today. My friend says it’s awesome. Has anyone else used it?

I had a question too - does anyone know if white wool felts OK? I had heard that because of the chemicals used in processing, sometimes white doesn’t felt, but your bag looks like the white felted fine.