How to post pic's?Help!

I am trying to post my first picture. It is of a sweater for my granddaughter.
I have the picture on my desktop…I clicked on the little square that says insert image. Then it say enter URL of of your image.
HOW do I do that???:wall:

Thanks you!!

Howdy, Jen:
In the section titled “What’cha Knittin’” there are two sticky threads that are very helpful on posting pictures. A URL is the site address of different places you ask your browser to take you to. So for here its "http://www.knittinghelp. . . "
If the image of your granddaughter is saved to your computer all you have to do is reduce the image size and attach the file. At the “New Thread” page when you scroll down you will see under “Additional Options” the second entry “Attach Files” click on “Manage Attachments” a new window will open up, click on the word “Browse” from there all you have to do is locate the file of your granddaughter’s picture double click and then click “Upload.” Hope my explanation wasn’t too convoluted, good luck.

Katrina thank you so much! I have to go to work right now and don’t have time left to try it, but as soon as I get home I will and let you know how it went!!
Thanks again!