How to Post Photos

OK… I know this is How to Knit but I am having the most frustrating day and if I don’t get this straightened out…I won’t have time to KNIT !!! Grrrrrrrrrr

My photos won’t upload into my blog… I keep getting a square with a red X in it…
I just came down here to Florida and I am using a different puter…but I can’t see how that matters… everything else is the same… I downloaded a new Picasa2 and I have the same Blog but still … ??
Please lok in my blog so you can see…
How do you all post your photos in your Blogs???

Hmmm…I don’t know what is going on. Even when you click the little square it just goes to the picasso home page. One thing I noticed is that when you float over the little square the address is directly to picasso…should be something like picasso/knit/knit.jpg? I don’t use blogger so I can’t tell you for sure.

Do the photos need to to uploaded somewhere before you can post them or are they uploaded from your hard drive? Is there a size limit so maybe they won’t post?

Yes… I upload them to Picasa and then to My Blog but now all of a sudden it won’t do it.
Darn it anyway!!!