How to post a picture

I got my first project done and want to share. Not sure how to attach a picture. Can someone tell me how to?

When you hit “post reply” to a thread (or to start a new topic) underneath the window you type in is another set of boxes - the heading is Add an Attachment.

If you click the browse button to the right of the first window below the big type your post in box, it will look at your computer. Navigate to the picture on your computer. From there to the right of the box below the browse box click “add attachment” and it will attach the pic to the post. Click Submit and it’s there.

If it is from an external link click the button above the main text box marked Img and paste in the link there. Then click close tags and it will add it to the post.

There is a button that you can click - Img.
I found there are two easier ways of doing it one is get a blog and put all your pics with writing on it on there or use photobucket, here are links to both and also to my blog so you can have a look at what it could look like or similar to that.

I am using a both

Thanks I will give it a try

Hope it all helps you out, if you need any more help just ask.

I found under What cha knitting the website to resize your photos. Look under bumble bee sweater and see my first sweater every.