How to post a picture & if it's ok to do so

Hi! C’est moi, Victoise.

Ok, I’m thinking… I have a lot of scarves I recently made & don’t need them all. Maybe I can sell them or swap them.
But, is it possible to post a picture here? And if so, (well, I guess it is…) how do you do it? I see the Img up above but am still wo a clue.

Has anyone sold their knitted things on Ebay or elsewhere? I notice scarves aren’t going for much money on Ebay…

Thanks for any help. Vic

Bonjour Victoise! And welcome!

I love your kitty avatar. What a cutie-pie!

To post a picture, use the “Add an Attachment” section, below where you type the text of your post. Where it says “Filename,” you can “Browse” for your image file on your computer. Then click the “Add Attachment” button. That’s it! Easy!

I hope you do put up your scarves for sale/swap!


HI Vic!
Love the cat!
(heh heh - Amy knows how much I loooooooove cats :D)

I have sold 3 scarves on eBay for $19 each — 2 skinny cashmere and a eyelash boa. It is possible, but I think I was lucky to get even that much.
Can’t wait to see your designs :slight_smile:

Thanks Amy! Good to hear from you… you’ve helped me so much!

I"m so out of it I just found out what an ‘avatar’ is! Yikes.
That picture is my first trial, a bit too little but that’s my baby, Toisie.
(Etoile Bastille official name … got on Bastille Day)

Roxy, I love your message design, very pretty…

Ok, I’ll have to get serious now about those scarves. I might put them on Ebay first. Amy, you should get a % if I sold them but I doubt they will bring in much, if sell at all.

 cheers, V.

A percentage, eh? I wouldn’t dream of it! You can keep all the profit on your hard work! :wink:


You’re so sweet! I’m now absolutely intimidated and embarassed coz I know my few things aren’t that great! Ha.
Anyhoo If I ever did sell anything here I’d get your CD or something!

knitting = good cheer

Don’t be intimidated! Sometimes the simplest projects are the most elegant. Or fun!


When you do post your scarves, be sure to start a new thread. That’s probably obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. You don’t want people to overlook it, because it’s hidden in a question topic. :slight_smile:


I looked recently at some of the knitted items on ebay and I don’t think they go for enough! I guess people don’t realize how expensive yarn is and how many hours go into hand knit items. At least if you post it here, people will appreciate it!

hey kemp! yeah, I noticed that on ebay also, the prices were low, the opposite of what you’d expect.

I’m going to try to get some stuff together to sell this summer at some ‘craft’ fairs in upstate new york where I go. Working on some small stuff mainly… don’t know exactly what but a few things are turning out. I’ll post some pix later, as soon as I finish my great big string shopping bag. white cotton actually, not string… I love it!

sounds fun…have you done a fair before?