How to plb and k1b


I’m not sure how to use this but I have a question. My pattern has a two stitches I’m not sure how to do. One is K1b and the other is plb. I’ve knitted for several year but I’m stumpped. I knit the continental method. Please help

Hi! Looks to me like your K1b is “knit 1 in back”, meaning insert your right needle through the BACK look of your stitch instead of the front loop. This makes the stitch twist instead of lay flat, adding texture to your fabric.

The plb I’m betting is actually p1b which would mean “purl 1 in back”. This means that instead of inserting your right needle down in the front loop, you need to insert from underneath in the BACK loop of your stitch and purl. This also makes the stitch twist. However, it is awkward to do. You will need to bring your right needle BEHIND the left so you can insert from under the stitch to be worked.

I hope this helps. I’d bet anything that there’s a video on this site that could show you exactly what I’m talking about, especially the purl in back. Unfortunately my machine won’t allow those videos to play, so I can’t help there. Maybe someone else out there could?

Good Luck

Go to the Glossary page - - and scroll down to k tbl and p tbl