How to place a marker in this instruction?


In my pattern I needed to knit several rows and then there is this instruction saying: “place a loop of coloured thread as a marker at the last row…”

I only heard of those plastic disk like markers that you place in a row of knitting, I don’t understand the instruction:(

I appreciate any help (including visual) :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!
You can use a piece of scrap yarn in a contrasting color as a marker. Thread it through the loop of a stitch on the last row or loosely tie it around a stitch on that row. You can tie off the ends to make a loop or just leave it with loose ends like a little scarf.
This isn’t the greatest photo and it’s crochet but it gives you the idea of the use of scrap yarn.

Thank you for the reply!

Just on one stitch on that last row right? It shouldn’t matter which one, should it?

Thanks again!

Just one stitch should be enough. Sometimes it’s done to help count rows and sometimes to indicate placement of sleeves on the body of a sweater. I’m sure there are many other reasons, too.
What pattern are you making?

I’m making a knitted stuffed animal and I’m making its head. The pattern is printed off somewhere (I got it + the yarn and needles as a present for birthday:)).
As far as I understand after reading further instructions, the marker there is to indicate up to which row I’m supposed to ladder-stitch the head piece together later on. Then stop and stuff the head piece; and then stitch the rest from the marker onwards.

Thank you so much!!!