How to pick up stitches

i’m new to knitting and i’m finishing up a mitten and i have to start the thumb and it says to pick up two stitches, the question is how do i do this and how do i begin with new yarn ?


There is a video here in KH on picking up stitches… see if that helps.

If you need to use a new yarn because there is no yarn where you need it, you just start working with it, and leave a tail to work in later. It may seem like it leaves a bit of a gap or hole, but when you finish up you can use the tail to take a stitch where you need to to fix it.

Lots of tutes on picking up stitches, a good one on Knitty. What I like to do is stick my left needle through the fabric from the right side, between stitches or through the middle of a stitch at the edge. Now I have a loop on my left needle: knit it just like any stitch, by using your right needle to pull a loop through. You have just picked up a stitch.

I just came across the knitty article last night. It’s at