How to pick up stitches

I am trying to pick up stitches for the armhole of a vest and have been trying for an hour. I’ve read instructions for this and it seems easy but I can’t get started. One problem is that I can’t draw the yarn back thru the loop as in knitting. I’m wondering if I should be using smaller needles than the ribbing calls for and then transfer them on the next row? When I went to the knitting store for help w/the first sleeve, I believe they used the same needles. I’m too embarrassed to go back for the second sleeve. Any advice?

Sometimes I have that problem and have to use a crochet hook to help draw the yarn through–I end up stretching the existing knitting if I don’t. Do you have a crochet hook handy?

If not, using a smaller needle will work fine; and as you note, you can just transfer them over when you’re ready to knit.

If using a smaller needle works for you, do it that way. You don’t need to transfer the stitches though and it would be hard because you’re trying to put smaller stitches on a larger needle. Just work the next row with the needle size you need for the pattern.

Another way to do it is to use a crochet hook; pick up a stitch, put it on your needle, pick up the next stitch, put on the needle, etc.


If you have ever knitted socks before, its like picking up the gusset stitches! But if you havent knitted socks before, sorry! Hope it helped! :muah:

I’ve done it 2 ways. With one needle and with using the second needle in the left hand for extra leverage. Each technique was better for a different situation. I think the video here shows it with the 2 needles; I hadn’t thought of doing it that way until I saw Amy do it.

Thanks for the advice. tonight I’ll try first a smaller needle then a crochet hook. I’ll let you know how I make out. Thanks again!