How to pick up stitches on Coronet from Knitty?

I’m knitting the Coronet hat from Knitty, and I just got done with the braided cable band. Now the pattern says to pick up 90 stitches from the edge of the band to start knitting the hat body. So do I pick up a stitch, knit it, and then pick up another stitch and knit it, etc? I looked at the video on knittinghelp and that’s what she did. The pattern says to pick up 90 stitches, then purl one row. I guess I’m confused about how to pick up stitches. I think I thought that I just picked up all 90 stitches without joining any yarn, THEN attatch my yarn and start knitting the row. I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone, I’m just a little frustrated. Thanks! :wall:

Almost always “pick up stitches” means “pick up and knit” as illustrated by Amy on this site. You’ll go in from the front, stick your needle towards the back, wrap like you usually do, and pull it back through. You’ll then have a stitch on your needle.

When you’re done picking up and knitting these 90 stitches, you turn around and start purling a row on them.

The other method you were thinking of – sticking your needle through all the stitches, then attaching your yarn and knitting them – can distort your fabric.

Good luck!

I never knit my stitches as I’m picking them up. I just plug along, pulling the little loops through on my needle, and then knit (or purl) them when I’m all done. I think probably whatever’s easiest for you is fine! :slight_smile:

Woot woot! Thanks so much for the speedy reply! Yes, I started doing it the wrong way and then took out the needle because I realized it was wrong, and it made those stitches look funky. So I’m glad I got steered in the right direction. Thanks! :happydance: