How to pick up stitches in 6 stitch rib

The body of my sweater is a 6 stitch rib pattern. I need to pick up the neck stitches for the mock turtle. I am unsure how to pick up stitches on the purl part. When I pick up the stitches it leave an obvious line. Any help is appreciated.

As far as I know there is no way to avoid that. Are you using a different color so it shows?

If you’re picking up knitwise on the right side, I don’t see how it would show; the pick up ridge would be on the right side. You wouldn’t have to pick them up in ribbing, if that’s what you intended.

I am picking up the stitches on the right side. The entire body is a 6x6 rib and I’m continuing the 6x6 in the neck for a mock turtle neck. The pattern is the Lattice Pullover by Plymouth Yarn. How do I pick up the purl stitches so there isn’t a line where I pick up. I looks like a knit row in the purl.
Thank you for any advice you can offer.

What I’m suggesting is to pick up [B]all[/B] the stitches knitwise, then start the rib on the next row. That one knit `row’ shouldn’t be noticeable. Try it, rib a few rows and see how it looks…