How to pick up egded stitches when unravelling using one size thinner needle?

Hello, I am knitting my first scarf. I made a mistake, so I have to unravell several rows. I selected the method when you use the needle of a smaller size to hock every right side of a stitch of a row, 2-3 rows down. But I don’t know how to hock the edged stitches on both sides of the work. The egded stiches look like a plait. I would be very grateful if someone would help me with this.
Regards, Anna.

Help us understand… what is spoke? A needle? And what is hock? Hook?

Yes! A knitting needle.
And with a hock, it’s more difficult to find the right verb. So, I’m posting a link where a woman shows the process, so that you can identify the right verb.

Thanks a lot, Anna.

I guess it’s still the right leg. Maybe I can find another video that’s shows it more clearly. Let me look.

ETA: okay the on here on KH shows how to pick up that edge stitch pretty well. See if this helps.

I watched the video and I saw a problem, that I can’t solve. After unraveling, having picked up the right leg of every stitch, I ended up with this (you can see it on my picture) - the yard starts with the second stitch, not the first. And in the video it’s the same way, so maybe you can help me understand how to knit further.

Just turn your work around and put the undone stitch on the other needle and knit or purl it as it’s supposed to be.

Thanks, I’ll try. )

Hello. Thank you for your help. I have another question. How to pick up purl stitches using thinner needle? Maybe you could find a video demonstrating it.
Thanks, Anna

Sorry, It is shown in the video you recomended to me. :slight_smile:

I tried both ways, but the work is not the same, I mean the edge plait.

I’m not sure it you mean that the edge stitch is twisted or that it’s a large loop. If it’s twisted, then you could take it out and change the direction.
If the loop is too large, this video may help:

Also this may help is you have a slipped stitch edge (the first option)