How to "pick up and purl stitches"?


I’m planning on trying out Quant from the latest issue of knitty ( I’m a very new knitter, and am perplexed by the instruction “pick up and purl stitches.” The video on this site seems to cover picking up and knitting only (I think ;-)), and the interwebs have been at a loss to explain this to me!

I would love instruction! This may be a tall order, but better yet would be pictures. That seems to be the way I’ll learn best. I haven’t yet learned to purl, though it looks simple; maybe learning that will shed light on this instruction. But in the meantime, thank you for your help!

First, you should practice a little purling to get the feel for it.

Picking up and purling is similar to picking up and knitting, except you do it from the back of the work.

I don’t know of video anywhere, but you put your needle behind the work and push the tip through to the front, wrap the stitch as if to purl and pull it through to the back.

I found that it helps to peek at the back to make sure your needle is going in the right spot.

Thanks for the wonderful, comprehensive instruction. That really looks like it will help :mrgreen:

I think in the process of the work I’ll already have purled a bit before I get to this instruction, and happily I can already see what you’re saying. Now I just have to go and do it. That might be a couple of weeks from now. I’m excited to see how it goes. Thank you so much!

(If anyone else has input, I’ll appreciate it :grphug: )