How to pick up and knit a tote?

Hope I can discribe this well.

I am making a Sophia Tote from Black Sheep.

I am using circular needles as directed. I have knitted 34 rows and have the bottom of the bag, a rectangle.

The yarn is now on the left side as I look at it.

The pattern says;
PM (place marker), pick up and knit 16 stitches along the left side of rectangle
PM, Pick up and knit 39 stitches along the bottom
PM, Pick up and knit 16 stitches along the remaining edge
Total of 110 stitches

I have seen the video and I understand how to pick up stitches.

What I don’t understand is, do I use the right needle and pick up stitches on the left side? I tried this and it tangled bad.

Do I use another needle all togeather??

Thanks for reading this! Help!!

You can use the right needle, or try a crochet hook to insert it into the stitch and snag the yarn and put it on the needle. You go down the left side of the piece you knit, across the bottom (where you cast on) and up the right side to join sts with the ones already on your needle. The corner sts are tricky to pick up and you can kind of fold up the square so you can get to those sts easier. Or you can use another needle to pick them up and put them on the main one.

Here’s an explanation how to do it with a crochet hook, though it may help you do it with a needle too -