How to pick a yarn for a pattern?

i’d like to knit a pattern i found online, but like to make it in other yarn than the one used for the pattern.
how can i tell how much yarn to order to be sufficient for my project? how do i know the yarn i’d like to use is suitable for my project?

the obove questions are general ones, but what do you think about this yarn for this pattern instead of this yarn.


You’re Trading Lace-weight for Lace-weight so it should be fine. Your pattern says it needs 800 yards of laceweight, so you need 800 yards of Filatura Di Crosa Superior. Each Ball of FDCS has 330 yards, so total divided by ammount per skein equals Num of skeins. In your case 800/330=2.424rec, so you would buy 3 balls.

thanks FV :slight_smile:
do you think it will be as airy and beautiful as the shawl pictured in the pattern? both yarns are very fine.

The link to the second yarn isn’t working, so can’t say. But it looks as if the first yarn would work with the pattern.