How to (p1, yon, k1tbl) in next stitch

Can anyone help me with the above instructions in my Knitting pattern? It’s the second row on a sidar baby girl cardigan pattern. There’s a fancy edge around the bottom. Does it mean p1, yarn over needle and then knit through the back of the stitch I’ve just purled, that creates 3 stitches out of one. Is that what it means?
I’d be very grateful for any help.

You have it exactly right. All 3 steps (p1, yon, and k1tbl) are into the single stitch on the left needle.

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Thank you Salmonmac, it took me a while to work it out & it’s good to get it confirmed that it’s right. But my problem now is that when I follow those instructions I end up with a few less stitches than the pattern says I should have. So I think I’m going wrong on the row before some how. I’m trying to figure out how I can send you a link to my pattern. I have it down loaded in I books on my iPad and I have a foto on my fone of the part I’m working on at the moment.

You can always cut and paste a link in your reply. We may be able to find it from the pattern name too. You can also use the little up arrow in the reply pane to upload a photo.
If it’s not an paid pattern, I can open it. If it’s a paid pattern we can’t post substantial amounts of it here but you could quote a line or two (say the current row and the previous row).

Are there yarn overs in the previous row? Did you possibly miss some? You may be able to see them if you look at the sts of the previous row.

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Thanks Salmonmac, there are yarn fwrds in the previous row, I will check I’ve done that row correctly, although I’ve checked it and reworked it a few times now. The pattern is a free download from Hobby Craft, it’s a SIRDAR. SNUGGLY BABY CROFTER DK 1317. Girls cardigan. The problem is the pattern does not state how many stitches there should be after the first row has been completed.
Very cute little cardi.
It’s a busy first row for the border and I see how the stitch count might be off.
I checked the math for the smallest size and it works out correctly. I get 23sts after row 1. Which size are you making?

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I’m making the smallest size for my step granddaughter who’s due in February. But I’ve only got 22 stitches after completing first row?
I’ve figured out what I’ve done wrong, I missed out the last tended. Hopefully it will work out now. I will let you know if it does after I’ve tried it later today. Thanks so much for your help.

Just to let you know, I’ve finally mastered the first 2 rows of the Crofter girls baby cardi I’ve been struggling with, thanks to the help from Salmonmac. I was getting too many stitches on the 2nd row then I realised I was wrapping the yarn around the needle too much on the ‘yon’ between purling and knitting in to the same stitch, thus making an extra stitch each time. I did feel like giving up at one point and trying a different pattern, but I’m glad I stuck at it. The rest of the pattern looks more straight forward. Thanks again.

Terrific! Glad you found the mistake. It’ll be a very pretty border on the cardigan. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.