How to (P1,YO,Ktbl) same stitch?

Hello! How do you yarn over when you’re already on a purl stitch? The directions say (P1, YO, Ktbl) same stitch, P1, repeat to end of row. For the increase stitch, I purl, keep the stitch on the left needle, move the yarn to the back, YO, then Ktbl. It results in 3 stitches where there once was just one.

However, when I do this, I wind up with fewer stitches than the pattern says I should have. In this case, it says I should have 80 sts, but I have only 69. Should I loop the yarn starting from the front of the needle and wind up with 4 stitches instead of 3 on the increase stitch? Would this explain the missing stitches?


You just loosely lay the yarn over the needle to the back, you don’t need to move the yarn to the back. So purl into the st, put the yarn over the needle, then ktbl and that gives you 3 sts on the right needle which it should. I don’t see how you’d get 4 sts from doing that…

I’m assuming you start with 40 stitches if you are suppossed to end up with 80?

Couldn’t you just keep the yarn in front after the purl. Wouldn’t that cause a yo? So they could have just written it as, (P1, Ktbl wyif) same stitch, right?

yes, but by writing it as (p, YO, ktbl) in same stitch it tells you you want to end up with three stitches , so you don’t panic when you do. Many people if they were doing (p, k2tbl wyif) would drop the yo on the return row thinking it wasn’t suppossed to be there.

Yes, if the YO wasn’t there you would assume it’s a purl front knit back increase which only increases 1 st. For that you would be bringing the yarn between the needles to knit.